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Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Quality Education Academy achieves 100 Percent college acceptance]]> <![CDATA[Expand Choice, but Keep the Public Interest in Mind]]> <![CDATA[Op-Ed: Republicans Can Be the Party of Choice]]> <![CDATA[NJ BAEO Working to Create a Community Where Black Parents Use Their Voice]]> <![CDATA[Big changes coming at BAEO]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Announces Plan to Reboot]]> <![CDATA[Looking backward, moving forward on Black education]]> <![CDATA[The One Thing Beyonce Forgot to Address in 'Formation']]> <![CDATA[Surprise: Charter Schools Are Better at Retaining Hard-to-Educate Students]]> <![CDATA[Why school choice is right for America's children]]> <![CDATA[News]]> <![CDATA[How to Help]]> <![CDATA[How to Help]]> <![CDATA[Our Goals]]> <![CDATA[Urgent Need]]> <![CDATA[Our Mission and Core Values]]> <![CDATA[Symposium 2012 Sponsorship Package]]> <![CDATA[Symposium Registration Information]]> <![CDATA[New Leaders - Chief Program Officer]]> <![CDATA[New Leaders - 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Documentation Report]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Fiscal Year 2018 Education Budget Proposal ]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Releases Report on the State of Education in Black America During National School Choice Week]]> <![CDATA[The ABCs of School Choice 2009-2010 Edition]]> <![CDATA[Symposium 2006 - Documentation Report]]> <![CDATA[BAEO President Issues Statement on Renewal of D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[A Way for Lawmakers to Show They Believe Black Lives Matter]]> <![CDATA[Partners For Developing Futures]]> <![CDATA[Symposium 2005 - Documentation Report]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Passage of Kentucky's Charter School Bill]]> <![CDATA[New Report: Charter Schools Are Better at Retaining Hard-to-Educate Students]]> <![CDATA[The New Teacher Project (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO congratulates Dr. RaeNell Houston on becoming first Black superintendent of New Orleans Catholic schools ]]> <![CDATA[Guest column: Opportunity Scholarships create path forward for more children]]> <![CDATA[2008 Annual Report (PDF)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Betsy DeVos' Confirmation as the Next Education Secretary]]> <![CDATA[Thousands rally for vouchers, school choice at Capitol]]> <![CDATA[US Charter Schools (Website)]]> <![CDATA[A Special Announcement from BAEO! ]]> <![CDATA[Guest View: Parents want more school choice]]> <![CDATA[Excellent Education for Everyone (E3) (Website)]]> <![CDATA[Betsy DeVos' Nomination for Education Secretary Moves to the Full Senate]]> <![CDATA[Los Angeles charter schools outperform public schools]]> <![CDATA[ Mott-BAEO Afterschool Study (PDF)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Teams Up with Dozens of Education Leaders in Support for Dept. of Ed Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos]]> <![CDATA[How important is it to you to when deciding where to send your kids to school?]]> <![CDATA[Gates Small High Schools ]]> <![CDATA[Empowering families must remain the root of the school choice movement]]> <![CDATA[MISSISSIPPIANS OVERWHELMINGLY SUPPORT SCHOOL CHOICE]]> <![CDATA[2008 School Choice Research Recap (PDF)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Mourns Loss of Former Board Member Lawrence C. Patrick, Jr.]]> <![CDATA[Walton Family Foundation Pledges $1 Billion Dollars to Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[The Color of Success: Black Student Achievement in Public Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[When A Haircut Changes Lives]]> <![CDATA[Second Bill Proposed to Save Charter Schools In Washington]]> <![CDATA[Lies and Distortions: The Campaign Against School Vouchers ]]> <![CDATA[How to reach Newark students? Start with their parents, group says]]> <![CDATA[Mehlhorn: Student Rights, Judicial Precedent and Why 2016 Could See a Profound Shift in Education Law]]> <![CDATA[National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Job Board (website)]]> <![CDATA[#GivingTuesday: The Children We're Fighting For...]]> <![CDATA[With the convening of the General Assembly, Kentucky once again ponders the idea of public charter schools for children in the commonwealth. Though recent attempts have failed to gain real traction in Frankfort, this year legislators must act to support K]]> <![CDATA[Teach for America (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on the NAACP Resolution to Support a Moratorium on New Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Atlanta looks to charter schools to manage its worst schools]]> <![CDATA[Alliance for School Choice (website)]]> <![CDATA[Civil Rights Leaders and Black Families Speak Out as NAACP Anti-Charter Vote Sparks National Conversation About State of Public Education in Black America]]> <![CDATA[School Choice is alive and well]]> <![CDATA[Building Choice (website)]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Parents Urge Others to Sign Parent Letter to NAACP; ChartersWork Website Launched ]]> <![CDATA[Concerns about racism help drive more African-Americans to home-school]]> <![CDATA[Edvisions (website)]]> <![CDATA[Alliance of Black Parents, Education and Community Leaders Speak Up to Say: Charter Public Schools Work]]> <![CDATA[New initiative vows to bring charter schools to Nebraska]]> <![CDATA[ (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO and Other Black leaders push back against NAACP's charter school moratorium]]> <![CDATA[School choice provides diverse learning environments]]> <![CDATA[Institute for Justice:Litigating for Liberty (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Tragedies In Texas, Louisiana, and Minnesota ]]> <![CDATA[Schools using tuition vouchers see dramatic improvement]]> <![CDATA[Institute for the Transformation of Learning (website)]]> <![CDATA[Special Letter to Tennessee BAEO Supporters]]> <![CDATA[COMMENTARY: Expand charter schools]]> <![CDATA[National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (website)]]> <![CDATA[Statement on U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King's call for Better School Discipline Practices]]> <![CDATA[LA charter school study: who benefits?]]> <![CDATA[New Schools Venture Fund (website)]]> <![CDATA[The BAEO Social Innovation Challenge Is Here!]]> <![CDATA[Urban education: Tale of two stories]]> <![CDATA[Alliance for Catholic Education (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Signs Charter Schools Equity Coalition Statement on Discipline]]> <![CDATA[How a standoff over schools changed the country ]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Information (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on House Speaker Paul Ryan's 'A Better Way' Anti-Poverty Program]]> <![CDATA[Editorial: Giving Poor Families a Leg Up in Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Center for Education Reform (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO and Florida African-American Ministers Urge NAACP to Drop Florida Scholarship Lawsuit ]]> <![CDATA[A School Voucher Surrender: John Boehner would not have left the D.C. scholarships in limbo]]> <![CDATA[Official No Child Left Behind (website)]]> <![CDATA[State's budget deficit should not be balanced on the backs of our children ]]> <![CDATA[School districts threatened by charter school success?]]> <![CDATA[U.S. Department of Education (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO-backed Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Goes before the State's First District Court of Appeal This Week]]> <![CDATA[As D.C. gentrifies, some charter schools aim to reach broader spectrum]]> <![CDATA[KIPP (website)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Celebrates National Charter Schools Week]]> <![CDATA[School vouchers mean equal opportunity in Minnesota]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Passage of Scholarships for Results and Opportunity (SOAR) Act of 2016 by the U.S. House ]]> <![CDATA[School vouchers for low-income parents would further state's goal of equal opportunity]]> <![CDATA[ Black and Latino-Led Charter Schools Capitol Hill Briefing a Success]]> <![CDATA[Hillary Clinton, Charter Schools, and Minority Voters]]> <![CDATA[BAEO to Hold Capitol Hill Briefing on Black and Latino-Led Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[School choice a priority for black voters]]> <![CDATA[Videos: BAEO is Making #BlackHistoryNow Everyday!]]> <![CDATA[Atlanta Seeing An Explosion of School Choice]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Urges Senate to Confirm John King for Education Secretary]]> <![CDATA[The Schools that Defy Politics: Innovation, accountability, results - charters are on the right track]]> <![CDATA[Videos: BAEO is Making #BlackHistoryNow Everyday!]]> <![CDATA["Not every child needs the same thing," Parents can pick choices in school education]]> <![CDATA[Seizing the Moment to Change: A Special Letter to BAEO Friends and Supporters]]> <![CDATA[How to make choosing the right school easier]]> <![CDATA[School choice and black history]]> <![CDATA[SCHOOL REFORM/CHARTER SCHOOLS]]> <![CDATA[Lawmakers To Vote On Vouchers]]> <![CDATA[In the School Choice Era, Making Shopping for Schools Easier: 2015-2016]]> <![CDATA[Black Allisance for Educational Options releases report on the State of Black Education during National School Choice Week]]> <![CDATA[ ]]> <![CDATA[School choice would help inner-city children]]> <![CDATA[Preserving School Choice in the Pelican State]]> <![CDATA[Poll: School Choice Super Popular with Minorities and Millenials]]> <![CDATA[Choosing Classrooms: How Controlled Choice Could Make New York City's Education System More Equal]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Releases Report on the State of Education in Black America During National School Choice Week]]> <![CDATA[Hillary Clinton May Not Like It, But Charter Schools Continue To Grow]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Celebrates National School Choice Week Jan. 24-30, 2016]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools can benefit low-income students]]> <![CDATA[Meet the Memphis Lawyer Who Is Running For Office]]> <![CDATA[Urban Charter Schools Often Succeed. Suburban Ones Often Don't.]]> <![CDATA[TN School Voucher Program Clears Major Hurdle: Lawmaker's Hospital Stay May Have Helped]]> <![CDATA[Red State Or Blue State, Parents Want Good Education Options]]> <![CDATA[Tennessee school voucher bill wins a key House subcommittee vote]]> <![CDATA[ ]]> <![CDATA[MLK III Leads March in Support of Florida School Vouchers, Tapping into Civil Rights Legacy]]> <![CDATA[ ]]> <![CDATA[Tax credit scholarship program prompts civil rights debate]]> <![CDATA[The Power of an Impassioned Principal: How one indomitable woman helped a pre-Katrina New Orleans high school persevere]]> <![CDATA[Group calls for collaboration of Shelby County Schools, ASD]]> <![CDATA[How To Fix Education In America]]> <![CDATA[Letter: Fear-mongering on ASD's work]]> <![CDATA[Tucker: In Attacking Charters, Hillary Clinton Reverses Course on School Choice - and Turns Her Back on Many Black Supporters ]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Every Student Succeeds Act]]> <![CDATA[Cleveland and Dayton are national leaders in charter school enrollment]]> <![CDATA[Transforming 1.4 Million Square Feet of Empty Space in Washington, D.C.]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Parents Win Case to Protect School Voucher Program in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[On this #GIVINGTUESDAY - Help Us Fight for Our Children's Futures]]> <![CDATA[Scholarships serve 'least among us']]> <![CDATA[Happy Thanksgiving from BAEO!]]> <![CDATA[A Charter School Lesson For Washington]]> <![CDATA[Four-state study shows strong support among blacks for school choice]]> <![CDATA[Parents and children deserve school choice]]> <![CDATA[Survey: Black Voters Want More School Choice Options]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Is A Moral and Financial Imperative]]> <![CDATA[Statewide testing ensures accountability, transparency for parents]]> <![CDATA[An Ostrich's Review of the Research on School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana's school choice backers praise court's voucher decision, call it a victory]]> <![CDATA[Survey: Detroiters want more school choice]]> <![CDATA[Voucher program has cleared second hurdle]]> <![CDATA[Passing grade: Newark students better off since start of school reform | Opinion]]> <![CDATA[A Special Message of Thanks for our Veterans]]> <![CDATA[ Poll: Black Voters Strongly Support School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Column: Failed black education invisible in debates]]> <![CDATA[Letter: Detroit coalition supports charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Is it fair to hold education hostage?]]> <![CDATA[New Survey Shows Black Voters Strongly Support Parental Choice for Educational Options in Their Communities]]> <![CDATA[Survey Says: Black Voters Support School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Are Magnet Schools Like These The Answer To Segregated Schools?]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Survey Featured in Politico's Report Roll Call]]> <![CDATA[Education Reform and the Failure to Fix Inequality in America]]> <![CDATA[Black Voters Want School Choice, More Educational Opportunities, Too ]]> <![CDATA[Parents ask for new charter school in East Palo Alto]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Data]]> <![CDATA[Common Core Gets Big Win From Louisiana Voters]]> <![CDATA[Student body mirrors district schools in background, need]]> <![CDATA[Expert: Engage Families in Underperforming Districts for Better Educational Outcomes]]> <![CDATA[In Newark school reform efforts, gains come at a price]]> <![CDATA[Deadline approaches for prospective charter schools]]> <![CDATA[In Newark school reform efforts, gains come at a price]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Calls on Congress for Swift Passage of the Scholarships for Results and Opportunity Act of 2015]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Featured: Ala. high schools see spike in graduation rates]]> <![CDATA[New law could allow charters to open anywhere: One charter school sponsor questions ODE's interpretation of law]]> <![CDATA[Black high school graduation rates rise with national tide]]> <![CDATA[Local Charter School honored by the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[School choice changes trajectory of sisters' lives]]> <![CDATA[Stagnant City Schools Are Failing Minorities Across 50 cities, student performance is flat and staggering inequalities exist, a new report says.]]> <![CDATA[Durham charter schools educating, not taking students]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Statement on Resignation of Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan]]> <![CDATA[Charter school opens 'a larger world' with ASL]]> <![CDATA[African-American Parents Emphatically Favor School Choice, Survey Finds]]> <![CDATA[School Progress Report rates district, charter schools on more than just test scores]]> <![CDATA[BLOG: High-Quality Education Options at Center of Dept. of Ed Charter School Grants]]> <![CDATA[Local View: School choice benefits all students]]> <![CDATA[Ron Clark Addresses 1500 Local Educators]]> <![CDATA[School choice fulfills American Dream]]> <![CDATA[Community meetings begin this week over Memphis schools proposed for charter conversion]]> <![CDATA[Lasting Legacy: The Wave of Disruptive State Education Chiefs Are Gone, But Their Policies Are Here To Stay ]]> <![CDATA[Dunkin Kurkwood: Local school boards should become charter authorizers]]> <![CDATA[Baker seeks expanded charter schools]]> <![CDATA[TV One's "News One Now" Explores New Orleans' School System Post-Hurricane Katrina In One-Hour Special]]> <![CDATA[Herrell: State Can Improve Charter School]]> <![CDATA[Blog: Tennessee BAEO Chooses 901 ]]> <![CDATA[Justices should reconsider illogical charter-school ruling]]> <![CDATA[Black families flock to D.C.'s charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Ohio passes major charter school reform bill; pension controversy to have more study]]> <![CDATA[Heartland Daily Podcast Mendell Grinter: Is School Choice a Civil Rights Issue?]]> <![CDATA[Thousands Rally In Brooklyn In support of charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Tennessee Black Alliance for Educational Options Announces New Leader]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: A Tale of Two Schools, One Building]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Deborah McGriff, Vice-Board Chair, BAEO and Managing Director, New Schools Venture Fund Speaks]]> <![CDATA[On quality schools, city parents just stopped taking 'no' for an answer]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Deborah McGriff, BAEO Board Vice-Chair, Inducted into Hall of Fame for National Alliance for Public Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Small class sizes a key factor in charter school success - report]]> <![CDATA[House leaders muster passage of education bill]]> <![CDATA[A Tale of Two School Systems: The District of Columbia shows why the charter model of schooling is taking off.]]> <![CDATA[Cerf narrowly wins approval to become Newark schools chief ]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Charter schools serve key role in district]]> <![CDATA[Honoring an Innovative Educator]]> <![CDATA[Point/counterpoint: Education reform should include school choice, extracurricular activities]]> <![CDATA[Honoring a Dedicated Educator]]> <![CDATA[School choice and the promise of Brown v. Board of Education II]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Honors an Impactful, Chicago Educator]]> <![CDATA[John Flanagan: Charter schools play a critical role in New York]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Honors an Education Maven]]> <![CDATA[Comparing Charter and Magnet Schools]]> <![CDATA[Honoring an Inspiring Education Leader]]> <![CDATA[Local officials hope Common Core task force will produce results]]> <![CDATA[Honoring a NOLA Education Powerhouse]]> <![CDATA[View: New York's Unequal Schools]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Parents Share Their Stories of the Value of Parent Choice]]> <![CDATA[Charter-School Backers, Opponents Clash at CPS Hearings ]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana School District's Plans to Sue to Block Public School Funding Is Wrong]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools are a good value for state and kids]]> <![CDATA[Celebrating Women's History Month]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Can Help Quell Urban Violence]]> <![CDATA[Parent Choice in Maryland & Why Black Education Matters]]> <![CDATA[EXCLUSIVE: 'Dreamgirl' Jennifer Hudson in push for charter schools]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Announces Mashea Ashton as New Board Chair at its 15th Annual BAEO Symposium]]> <![CDATA[Stubblefield: FedUp group wants better schools]]> <![CDATA[See the Photo Recap of BAEO Symposium 2015]]> <![CDATA[Blackmon: Real education reform must involve teachers, parents, community]]> <![CDATA[Alabama Legislature Passes Historic Charter School Bill]]> <![CDATA[Is school choice good for states? ]]> <![CDATA[Host 15th Annual BAEO Symposium in Memphis, TN, March 19-20]]> <![CDATA[School choice movement celebrates successful 2015]]> <![CDATA[Alabama BAEO Applauds State Senate for Voting to Move Charter School Legislation Ahead to the House Education Committee]]> <![CDATA[ASD says Hillcrest to go through charter school match, despite SCS plan]]> <![CDATA[Tennessee Families Need School Vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Today on the bus tour]]> <![CDATA[Alabama Federation for Children Applauds State Supreme Court for Affirming the Constitutionality of the Alabama Accountability Act]]> <![CDATA[Your Child. Your Choice. Our Future!]]> <![CDATA[Honoring Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. ]]> <![CDATA[Unhappy with traditional public education, African American parents take schooling into their own hands]]> <![CDATA[Honoring the Freedmen's Schools of the 1800s ]]> <![CDATA[Alabama Charter school debate rages on following passage of bill]]> <![CDATA[Honoring Our Nation's First, Black Woman Millionaire]]> <![CDATA[Letter: School district shouldn't sue to block public school funding]]> <![CDATA[Honoring T. Willard Fair, Co-Founder of Liberty City Charter School]]> <![CDATA[Bobby Jindal Unveils Plan to Eliminate Common Core in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[Honoring Annette Polly Williams]]> <![CDATA[Legislative debate brews over 'parent trigger' bill]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Announces 
Jacqueline Cooper as Interim President]]> <![CDATA[Alabama Legislature passes historic Charter Schools bill]]> <![CDATA[Honoring a Pioneer and History Maker]]> <![CDATA[Academics Are The Less Visible Enemy of School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Honoring the Loss of Four Young Girls]]> <![CDATA[Foreshadowing the charter school debate]]> <![CDATA[Honoring Hampton University Founder ]]> <![CDATA[Black History Month A Time to Know Who You Are]]> <![CDATA[Honoring an Educator and Civil Rights Leader, Mary McLeod Bethune]]> <![CDATA[5 Ways to Be a School Choice Champion]]> <![CDATA[Honoring a Pillar in Higher Education, Hampton University.]]> <![CDATA[Honoring the Incredible Educator]]> <![CDATA[ALLISON: Every Day is Ferguson]]> <![CDATA[Honoring the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela]]> <![CDATA[Rally Held Asking For Alabama Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Honoring Dr. Deborah McGriff and Her Pursuit of Educational Progress]]> <![CDATA[The Top Eight Books That School Reformers Should Read. ]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Joins the Country in Celebrating National School Choice Week]]> <![CDATA[MOVERS AND SHAKERS]]> <![CDATA[BAEO's Letter to Senator Alexander to Protect the ESEA]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools give Ohio's urban families choice, opportunity ]]> <![CDATA[Public charter schools should be an option for state's children]]> <![CDATA[Blame is not going to rescue failing schools]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana's Common Core Debacle]]> <![CDATA[The Legacy of Annette Polly Williams]]> <![CDATA[Charter school bill expected in Alabama Legislature]]> <![CDATA[Meetings in Frankfort, Lexington used to push for charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Black Voters Voice Overwhelming Support for More Rigor and Better Choices in Education]]> <![CDATA[States That Prohibit Charters Likely to Decline]]> <![CDATA[Howard Fuller: From Black Power to School Reform]]> <![CDATA[Former MPS superintendent backs Common Core education standards]]> <![CDATA[Educating Reformers and Activists: Dr. Howard Fuller's Powerful Example and Lessons]]> <![CDATA[School vouchers save Louisiana taxpayers money, conservative report says]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds NAPCS for Release of New Report Ranking The Health of the Charter School Sector in the United States]]> <![CDATA[Alabama BAEO to host town hall meeting to discuss the importance of bringing charter schools to the state]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Teachers' Union is Wrong for Suing to Reduce Educational Options in the State]]> <![CDATA[The encouraging rise in school choice]]> <![CDATA[Black and Hispanic Students are Failing at an Alarming Rate in Some New York City Schools]]> <![CDATA[New Orleans Common Core forum to be held Tuesday evening]]> <![CDATA[Back to School Book Report]]> <![CDATA[4,000 expected Saturday for community back-to-school rally hosted by Marvin Sapp's charter school ]]> <![CDATA[Bobby Jindal Receives Renewed Support For Controversial School Voucher Program]]> <![CDATA[Charters more than third of top Nashville schools' list]]> <![CDATA[Fight on Common Core Is Dividing Louisiana ]]> <![CDATA[Why my children attend THIS Chicago charter school]]> <![CDATA[Into Unchartered Territory: The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Parents and Educators Prevail! Common Core Can Continue in Louisiana for 2014-2015 School Year]]> <![CDATA[Professor Howard Fuller: Money blocks low-income children from a good education, some school closures necessary]]> <![CDATA[New Orleans' Recovery system changes heighten charter school debate, NPR reports]]> <![CDATA[New Orleans Charters Prepare For A Big First Day Of School]]> <![CDATA[School board candidates pitch more funding, nap time to fix district]]> <![CDATA[Ky. Black Alliance for Educational Options rallies for local charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Civil rights icon blasts Sen. Rand Paul's outreach to minorities]]> <![CDATA[Supporters of charter schools hold rally]]> <![CDATA[Rand Paul Says No Other U.S. Lawmaker Has Better Civil Rights Record]]> <![CDATA[BAEO, lawmakers host Town Hall Meetings on Common Core]]> <![CDATA[Governor Bobby Jindal and Department of Education Announce Scholarship Program Awards for Families Across Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[Advocates explain intricacies of Common Core to parents]]> <![CDATA[The NEA's Weak Hand]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Support Lawsuit against the State of Louisiana to Move Testing and Accountability Forward by using Common Core State Standards]]> <![CDATA[Christensen: Howard Fuller - From Malcolm X to school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[School board decisions a blow to west Louisville]]> <![CDATA[Parents Choose Homeschooling Over Common Core]]> <![CDATA[Common Core standards face push back by some Louisiana parents and politicians]]> <![CDATA[Symposium 2015 Update: Why Support Common Core?]]> <![CDATA[Myers closing cheats students]]> <![CDATA[Black to the future]]> <![CDATA[The New Tri-State Defender selects 2014 Women of Excellence ]]> <![CDATA[America's Disadvantaged Children and the Three-sector Approach]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Honors the Life and Legacy of Bertha Gilkey]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools Need To Be A Part of Newark Reform]]> <![CDATA[The Children of Alabama Will Lose Without Educational Options]]> <![CDATA[Brown v. Board of Education, 60 Years Later: The Power Of Choice]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools are Delivering on Brown's Promise]]> <![CDATA[Time is now for charter schools in Kentucky]]> <![CDATA[What is the Legacy of Brown?]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools are transforming education in Louisiana: Eric B. Lewis and Ethan Ashley]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Sharon Clark]]> <![CDATA[Pro-voucher group wants judge to back off order ]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Marcus Robinson]]> <![CDATA[Let black kids learn]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Michael Sharpe]]> <![CDATA[Leaders, parents urge Gov. Bobby Jindal to drop opposition to Common Core]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Shantelle Wright]]> <![CDATA[National black pro-charter, pro-voucher group meets in New Orleans]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring David Hardy]]> <![CDATA[Make School Choice A Priority and Fight Against The War For Poverty]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Jami Dunham]]> <![CDATA[At school closings meetings, school choice groups learn the lay of the land in Memphis]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Doris R. Hicks]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Week: Parents in Georgia need expanded range of options for their children ]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Donald Hense]]> <![CDATA[When You're Black in America, School Choice Matters ]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Linda Moore, Founder of Elsie Whitlow Public Charter School ]]> <![CDATA[Could the Alabama Accountability Act be Birmingham's savior?]]> <![CDATA[Black Charter School Leaders: Honoring Derwin Sisnett, CEO of Gestalt Community Schools in Memphis, TN]]> <![CDATA[Charting future of education]]> <![CDATA[One group that loves school vouchers? Parents: James Varney]]> <![CDATA[Questions and answers about Common Core State Standards ]]> <![CDATA[Tennessee Black Alliance for Educational Options Saddened to See Lack of Support for 
Parent Choice in Tennessee Legislature]]> <![CDATA[Could vouchers improve integration?]]> <![CDATA[Survey: 91 Percent of Parents Approve of Louisiana School Choice Program]]> <![CDATA[Where's The Outrage? We Must End The Madness of Black-On-Black Crime]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Program 'excelling,' parents and advocates say]]> <![CDATA[Gov. Bobby Jindal calls legal challenge to school vouchers 'immoral']]> <![CDATA[You Spoke And They Listened...]]> <![CDATA[A Real Conversation About Education]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds U.S. District Court Judge for Ruling on Louisiana Desegregation Case]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools Offer Hope To Mississippi Students]]> <![CDATA[Common Core Makes Common Sense]]> <![CDATA[School Choice: The Best Way To Improve Education]]> <![CDATA[Cohen Community Pride Day aims to bring students, neighbors closer together: Letter]]> <![CDATA[Southern Black Voters Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice, Poll Finds]]> <![CDATA[BAEO renews its commitment to parent choice at Symposium 2014]]> <![CDATA['Parent trigger' laws worth trying: Our view]]> <![CDATA[Education liveblog, Fri. 8 a.m.: New Orleans reforms at the Black Alliance for Educational Options]]> <![CDATA[Bryant Names 3 To Charter School Board]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Congratulates James Shelton III on New Appointment as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education]]> <![CDATA[Ohio School Choice and Education News]]> <![CDATA[Power Speakers at Symposium 2014]]> <![CDATA[Cleveland is a 'hot spot' of education options]]> <![CDATA[President Leaves Washington, D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program Out of FY15 Budget]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools Multiplying In Michigan As More Families Opt Out Of Public School]]> <![CDATA[Even Our Greatest Fears Shouldn't Deny Tennessee Children School Vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Study Shows Black Parents Support School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Former U.S. Secretary of Education, Dr. Rod Paige, will Join BAEO at Symposium 2014 ]]> <![CDATA[RST: School Choice & Charter Funding]]> <![CDATA[Will Minority Children Be Barred From Southern Schoolhouses Again?]]> <![CDATA[The Simple Choices We Face In Education]]> <![CDATA[BAEO & Marvin Sapp Touch Thousands During School of Choice Tour]]> <![CDATA[The DC Voucher Example]]> <![CDATA[Howard Fuller, Board Chair of the Black Alliance For Educational Options, Identified as one of the Top 9 Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement by Oxford University - Oxford Academic]]> <![CDATA[Exposing the New Plessy v. Ferguson]]> <![CDATA[Marvin Sapp Tours for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Who's Minding the Schools?]]> <![CDATA[Marvin Sapp, BAEO to host 'The School of Choice' tour]]> <![CDATA[Forbes: Culture More Important Than Income In Educational Outcomes]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Teams Up with Award-Winning Gospel Artist Dr. Marvin L. Sapp ]]> <![CDATA[New York Times: Bill to Alter Bush-Era Education Law Gives States More Room]]> <![CDATA[More than 5,000 Schools and Organizations Celebrate National School Choice Week]]> <![CDATA[Pence: Stats show vouchers are not hurting students in public schools]]> <![CDATA[High-quality Charter Schools Can be Education Change Agents for Low-Income and Working Class Families]]> <![CDATA[Del. Senate to consider school choice bill]]> <![CDATA[Pictures from 2014 Urban League Schools Expo & LA BAEO Parent Sessions]]> <![CDATA[Governor Signs Tax Credit Scholarship Legislation]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Applauds the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools for their 5th Consecutive Report Release on Measuring the Health of Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Houston-area private school opens doors for low-income students]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Joins American Federation for Children for Put Kids First Rally]]> <![CDATA[School choice -- What's the holdup, Texas?]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Opens Tennessee Office in the New Year]]> <![CDATA[As Latinos Make Gains in Education, Gaps Remain]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Steve Perry joins the BAEO Symposium 2014!]]> <![CDATA[School choice scholarships would unlock opportunities]]> <![CDATA[It's time for school choice in Illinois ]]> <![CDATA[Mothers Show Strong Support for School Choice in National Survey]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Honors the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.]]> <![CDATA[School choice will help students succeed]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana ranks first in nation for education reforms]]> <![CDATA[D.C. charter school waitlists vary widely]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Talks High-Quality Educational Options on 89.9 WWNO]]> <![CDATA[UPDATED: Louisiana Supreme Court rules vouchers funding unconstitutional]]> <![CDATA[Q&A: Common Core an Education 'Re-set' for African-American Students]]> <![CDATA[Supreme Court overturns school voucher law]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Reaffirms Commitment to Ensuring Louisiana Scholarship Program is Accountable and Successful]]> <![CDATA[ACT to start giving tests digitally]]> <![CDATA[Goldwater Institute Files Appeal in Louisiana Voucher Case]]> <![CDATA[Common Core lifts TN's chances]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela]]> <![CDATA[Why We Need to Reform Education Now]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Founder, Howard Fuller Recommits to Educating Children]]> <![CDATA[Struggling Catholic schools strategize to draw new students]]> <![CDATA[Common Core delay wins BESE approval ]]> <![CDATA[Wisconsin told to boost oversight of voucher schools' disability rolls]]> <![CDATA[Birmingham, AL Brings Leaders Together at Education Policy Summit]]> <![CDATA[Charter school waitlists hit 22,000]]> <![CDATA[The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) Remains Committed to Ensuring Families Have Access to the Louisiana Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[The choice of school]]> <![CDATA[Christensen: The winding journey of Howard Fuller]]> <![CDATA[Education sparks sharp debate]]> <![CDATA[Common Core Standards Are Good For Louisiana Children, Families: Letter]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Programs Can Dramatically Improve Schools, Report Says]]> <![CDATA[School voucher campaign kicks off]]> <![CDATA[La. Teachers' Union President: School Choice 'Taking Our Children From Us']]> <![CDATA[BAEO Responds to DOJ's Attempt to Block Low-Income Black Children from Receiving High-Quality Education]]> <![CDATA[Obama's big second-term education problem]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Bailey-Sullivan Advocacy Leadership Fellowship - Cohort Announcement]]> <![CDATA['Misleading' mailer sent out to Elyria Families]]> <![CDATA[Judge lets private school parents enter AEA suit]]> <![CDATA[New Report: Research Consistently Shows School Choice a "Win" for Kids, Public Education]]> <![CDATA[School voucher enrollment goes up 38 percent despite lawsuits, budget fight]]> <![CDATA[School-Choice Funding Stalls in U.S. Senate, but Wins Big in Indiana ]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance For Educational Options (BAEO) Congratulates Senator Cory Booker On His Win In The New Jersey Senate Race]]> <![CDATA[Op-Ed: District of Columbia student achievers poised for success]]> <![CDATA["This isn't about choosing sides. It's about choosing children."]]> <![CDATA[Another voucher victory]]> <![CDATA[Parents seek to defend Alabama tax credits]]> <![CDATA[With Vouchers, States Shift Aid for Schools to Families]]> <![CDATA[Feds, Jindal clash over possible resolution of school vouchers suit]]> <![CDATA[A dose of reality on Planet BAEO]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Intervenes in the DOJ Case on Behalf of Louisiana Parents in the Louisiana Scholarship Program ]]> <![CDATA[Hundreds of Black Leaders Discuss Education Reform]]> <![CDATA[DOJ Backpedals on School Choice Lawsuit]]> <![CDATA[Brandon honored by school choice group]]> <![CDATA[Federal prosecutors or kids in Louisiana's bad schools - who has the better argument?: James Varney/Wednesday chat]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools bill advances in Kentucky Senate]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Intervenes in the DOJ Case Regarding Louisiana Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Photos of the Evenings with Marvin Sapp]]> <![CDATA[The Black Alliance for Educational Options Intervenes in the DOJ Case on Behalf of Louisiana Parents Benefitting from the Louisiana Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[New Network of Charter Schools Coming]]> <![CDATA[BAEO is Hosting a Twitter Party! #desegregation]]> <![CDATA[Charter School Bill Passes Mississippi Senate]]> <![CDATA[African American group backs school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[11 States Get Failing Grades on Public School Policies From Advocacy Group]]> <![CDATA[Dashing dream of better schools in Louisiana Chicago Tribune ]]> <![CDATA[Racial divide seen in Mississippi debate over charter schools, reform]]> <![CDATA[BAEO President Ken Campbell Discusses DOJ Case in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[Discarded integration method sees new life]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Calls On U.S. Department of Justice to Drop Lawsuit]]> <![CDATA[N.Y. and Conn. Team up to Launch Charter School Network]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools Hold Great Potential for Mississippi Students]]> <![CDATA[Secrets of the Fiscal Cliff Deal]]> <![CDATA[Study shows majority of Louisiana parents support school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Cuomo's education reform group makes recommendations]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds CREDO Study on Performance of Charter Schools in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[Real Hurdle in Education Reform is Poverty]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Holds Talk on Education Reform at NABJ Convention and Career Fair with Roland Martin]]> <![CDATA[School Segregation Is Increasing in the South]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Releases Survey Revealing Hunger for Education Reform Among Black Voters]]> <![CDATA[Rural and Urban Education Needs Not That Different After All]]> <![CDATA[Launching charter school in Mississippi is a grueling process]]> <![CDATA[Can Public Education as We Know it Survive?]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Releases its 2013 Annual Symposium Documentation Report]]> <![CDATA[Education summit--a call to action (Dr. Howard Fuller's keynote address)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Participates in the National Charter School Conference]]> <![CDATA[The Decline of the "Great Equalizer"]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Responds to Audit Findings in Louisiana Released by the State Department of Education]]> <![CDATA[BAEO defends D.C. voucher program]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Deborah McGriff: Honest report on teacher prep got a bad rap]]> <![CDATA[Alliance is let down by decision]]> <![CDATA[BAEO names Offiong Bassey as the Director of the Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute ]]> <![CDATA[Families benefiting from vouchers wonder if they may lose yet again: James Varney]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice Our Choice - May 2013]]> <![CDATA[Protest urged over voucher ruling in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds the Passage of the Louisiana State Budget Bill]]> <![CDATA[New Blog Series Highlights BAEO Founder and Chairman, Dr. Howard Fuller, as an Inspirational Leader]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Howard Fuller Talks School Vouchers and REAL Power to the People]]> <![CDATA[Alabama's 72 percent grad rate puts the state in 40th place]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds Standardized Testing Gains in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana education lawsuit: Teachers association expects protracted legal battle]]> <![CDATA[Howard Fuller: Scholarship program shouldn't be a dream deferred]]> <![CDATA[THE EFFECTS OF SCHOOL VOUCHERS ON COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: Experimental Evidence from New York City" by Matthew M. Chingos and Paul E. Peterson]]> <![CDATA[BAEO and Louisiana Families Rally to Save the Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Kelley Williams-Bolar: I am a 'Criminal' Because I Wanted a Good Education for My Girls]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to Join BAEO at Rally in Support of State Scholarship Program ]]> <![CDATA[School voucher supporters file lawsuit]]> <![CDATA[BAEO You Promised... Rally 2013]]> <![CDATA['Whatever Means Necessary', an Editorial in with Wall Street Journal on the Louisiana State Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Education struggle goes on for Howard Fuller]]> <![CDATA[Chris Stewart comments on Diane Ravitch's Blog]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Celebrates National Charter Schools Week!]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Scholarship Program but Disappoints with Decision on Funding Mechanism]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Featured on FOX News, Beyond the Dream]]> <![CDATA[The Students of Mississippi have been Given a New Opportunity to Succeed]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Congratulates Board Member Dr. Deborah McGriff on Recent Recognitions for Educational Excellence]]> <![CDATA[Smart Cities: Milwaukee featuring Dr. Howard Fuller]]> <![CDATA[For Louisiana parents, failure is not an option and tomorrow may be too late]]> <![CDATA[State Appeals Voucher Ruling in Court]]> <![CDATA[Appeal for state's voucher program being heard in Louisiana Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Black Alliance for Educational Options Proudly Stands with Louisiana Parents in the Fight to Protect the Scholarship "Voucher" Program]]> <![CDATA[More than 650 Black Parent Choice Advocates to Gather at BAEO Symposium 2013 ]]> <![CDATA[The Children of Alabama Will Lose without Educational Options]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Howard Fuller: "Leslie Ellison Did the Right Thing"]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice Our Choice - January/February 2013]]> <![CDATA[Mississippi BAEO to Host Town Hall on "The Truth About Charter Schools"]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Association of Educators hosts forum on voucher program]]> <![CDATA[Vouchers, teacher evaluations discussed by Baton Rouge education panel]]> <![CDATA[SENATOR RUBIO INTRODUCES LEGISLATION TO EXPAND SCHOOL CHOICE]]> <![CDATA[More than 12,000 Community Members Empowered by the Black Alliance for Educational Options and Dr. Marvin L. Sapp during a Six-City Educational Tour]]> <![CDATA["An Evening with Dr. Marvin L. Sapp" Continues in Baton Rouge, LA on Monday, February 4]]> <![CDATA[Howard Fuller honored at MLK ceremony]]> <![CDATA[An Evening with Marvin Sapp]]> <![CDATA[Op-Ed: When You're Black in America, School Choice Matters]]> <![CDATA['I love my children' - Baton Rouge Parent Shares Story]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Congratulates President Barack H. Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America!]]> <![CDATA[Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. King]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds the Mississippi Senate for Passing the 2013 Charter School Bill]]> <![CDATA[Kentucky charter school bill returns to legislature, unlikely to pass in 2013]]> <![CDATA[Racial divide seen in Mississippi debate over charter schools, reform]]> <![CDATA[Happy New Year!]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice, Our Choice - BAEO Newsletter Nov/Dec 2012 Issue]]> <![CDATA[Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Newtown, Connecticut]]> <![CDATA[New report reveals JCPS minority students falling through gaps]]> <![CDATA[Rally seeks to highlight education gap, seek changes for struggling kids]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Louisiana State Director, Eric B. Lewis Named a Prestigious 40 Under 40 ]]> <![CDATA[Wisconsin Interest Magazine features BAEO Board Chair, Howard Fuller, Sharing His Experience on the Frontlines of Reform]]> <![CDATA[The Black Alliance for Educational Options Disappointed Over the Court's Decision against Parental Choice]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Black Alliance for Educational Options Stands with Louisiana Families in Fight to Protect School Choice ]]> <![CDATA[Quality Measures are Critical to Student Success]]> <![CDATA[The Day After the Election - How do you celebrate for parental choice and education reform?]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice, Our Choice - BAEO Newsletter October 2012 issue]]> <![CDATA["This is not about fixing the existing plan. This is about a Revolution."]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Board Chair Dr. Howard Fuller Talks About the Crisis of Quality in Milwaukee City Schools and the Limitations of Choice]]> <![CDATA[Daughter of Civil Rights Activists Medgar and Myrlie Evers Attends BAEO Screening of Won't Back Down in Mississippi]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana Champions for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Joins Parent Revolution on a National Movie Screening Tour of "Won't Back Down"]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Makes its Inaugural Mark on 42nd Annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Response to Louisiana Federation of Teachers]]> <![CDATA[BLACK STUDENTS TOLD YOU AREN'T SMART ENOUGH TO PASS IN VIRGINIA]]> <![CDATA[SCHOOL VOUCHERS LINKED TO HIGHER COLLEGE ENROLLMENT FOR BLACK STUDENTS]]> <![CDATA[School Vouchers Make A Comeback, Stir Concerns About Quality]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Board Chair and National Parent - Choice Advocate, Howard Fuller Receives the Beyond Z Award from KIPP Schools]]> <![CDATA[The Ongoing Struggle for a Quality Education in Louisiana: How Expanding the State-Funded Scholarship Program Will Empower Black Families]]> <![CDATA[Statement from the Black Alliance for Educational Options on Ruling in State Voucher Program]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Stand with Parents in Support of Louisiana's State Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Joins AFC in Expressing Disappointment in Failure to Pass the Opportunity Scholarship Act in New Jersey]]> <![CDATA[How BAEO Empowers Parents to Become Education Advocates for their Children in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[Dust-up builds over remark from teachers union official on families in poverty]]> <![CDATA[Speakers say education fixes not easy]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance for Educational Options Weighs in on Illinois School District ZIP Code Controversy]]> <![CDATA[No harm in school choice]]> <![CDATA[Town Hall Meeting on Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[National Charter School Leader to Hoosier Parents: Keep Pressure On ]]> <![CDATA[BAEO BRINGS CHARTER SCHOOL DISCUSSION TO ALABAMA]]> <![CDATA[Georgia State Rep. Alisha Morgan to Head BAEO's Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute]]> <![CDATA[Former Colorado State Senate President Peter Groff Joins BAEO]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Welcomes New National Communications Director]]> <![CDATA[Farewell and keep fighting for D.C. school choice]]> <![CDATA[High expectations drive success in D.C. charter schools]]> <![CDATA[D.C. charter school used to tout student-aid program]]> <![CDATA[Daily Charter School News]]> <![CDATA[BAEO APPLAUDES GERARD ROBINSON, FLORIDA'S NEW EDUCATION COMMISSIONER]]> <![CDATA[CSFP Honored Dr. Howard Fuller with the 2011 Citizen of the Year Award]]> <![CDATA[Time to broaden school choice in Tennessee]]> <![CDATA[Can We Talk: Hearings to shine light on schools]]> <![CDATA[The Lima News]]> <![CDATA[No matter who is standing in the way]]> <![CDATA[Fairfield teachers vote for 3-year pay freeze]]> <![CDATA[State budget primer]]> <![CDATA[Why is the NAACP fighting African Americans?]]> <![CDATA["School Choice" is a parent's right]]> <![CDATA[NAACP vs. Black Parents]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Howard Fuller Announces Support for Proposals to Expand School Voucher Programs in WIsconsin]]> <![CDATA[Reformer: Abandon bad schools]]> <![CDATA[Pioneer charts a new course]]> <![CDATA[DR. MONTEIC A. SIZER HIRED AS NEW LOUISIANA BAEO STATE DIRECTOR]]> <![CDATA[The STEM (aka "Smarty Pants") Conundrum ]]> <![CDATA[Promoting school choice a no-brainer]]> <![CDATA[HOWARD FULLER HONORED WITH JOHN T. WALTON CHAMPIONS FOR SCHOOL CHOICE AWARD]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools in Louisiana]]> <![CDATA[In search of black teachers]]> <![CDATA[In Alabama, 'Lawmakers Consider Charter School Proposal']]> <![CDATA[ Parent power]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Vouchers Resurrected in Budget Compromise]]> <![CDATA[ States leaving feds behind on school reforms]]> <![CDATA[SIMMONS: Debunking the big lie on D.C. voucher history]]> <![CDATA[Keep intact the mission of choice program]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds Indiana State Senate On Passing Parental Choice Bill]]> <![CDATA[ Arizona Creates Vouchers for Special Ed. Students]]> <![CDATA[Voucher plan draws private schools in About 550 Douglas County parents have expressed interest in the 2011-12 program.]]> <![CDATA[Philly boys ace Latin exam]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Hires Former NFL Player as New Business and Community Outreach Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[BAEO PRAISES PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR SUPPORTING DC OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM]]> <![CDATA[Senate OKs plan aimed at expanding charter schools ]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Supporters Call on Brewer to Reverse Scholarship Veto ]]> <![CDATA[Residents speak out on proposed budget at public hearing]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Parents, Community Leaders Call on Congress to Pass Continuing Resolution and Fund D.C. Education Reform]]> <![CDATA[Howard Fuller Statement to the Joint Finance Committee]]> <![CDATA[Residents speak out on proposed budget at public hearing]]> <![CDATA[Poll: NJ voters split on adding charter schools]]> <![CDATA[A good start for voucher bill ]]> <![CDATA[Obama Takes Aim at Inequality in Education]]> <![CDATA[Supreme School Choice]]> <![CDATA[School choice is not a partisan issue]]> <![CDATA[Providing city kids with opportunity used to be Democrats' Job 1]]> <![CDATA[House OKs private school voucher bill]]> <![CDATA[House passes school-choice measure]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Applauds US House Vote On SOAR Act]]> <![CDATA[FORD: Education reform success that Obama ignores]]> <![CDATA[Black and Hispanic Leaders Blast President Obama's Opposition to D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Issues Urgent Call to Action for SOAR Act]]> <![CDATA[Students here take advantage of choice]]> <![CDATA[ARMEY: State-union battles revive school-choice hope]]> <![CDATA[Ohio set to expand school choice as record $5.2M fine imposed on charter group remains unpaid]]> <![CDATA[Milwaukee could become first American city to use universal vouchers for education]]> <![CDATA[Future Schools]]> <![CDATA[State school voucher program poised to expand; Florida Legislature]]> <![CDATA[Give all parents a choice]]> <![CDATA[ Pennsylvania school vouchers: Your child, your choice!]]> <![CDATA[1,100 supporters of expanding school choice rally at Statehouse]]> <![CDATA[Groups Join Together in Backing PA Education Legislation ]]> <![CDATA[Technology and Teachers: The Rise of the Hybrid School]]> <![CDATA[School voucher program may expand]]> <![CDATA[Unapologetically Black]]> <![CDATA[Parents want state to expand school voucher program to include near-failing schools]]> <![CDATA[Schools of the Future Taking Shape through Blended Learning Innovations]]> <![CDATA[Higher Education Leaders Say Experiential Learning Key to Student Success]]> <![CDATA[Budget impact: School voucher program to double]]> <![CDATA[300 First Timers Attend 11th Annual Symposium]]> <![CDATA[500 Parental Choice Parents, Educators & Advocates to Attend 11th Annual Symposium]]> <![CDATA[Lego contests put minority students on a mission]]> <![CDATA[Most Public Schools May Miss Targets, Education Secretary Says]]> <![CDATA[CHOICES, CHOICES ; Now that N.O. educational options have expanded, finding the right fit is a big factor]]> <![CDATA[Education's three P's: Public, private and political]]> <![CDATA[Black history being left in dust of MCAS exclusion]]> <![CDATA[Va. African Americans split in battle for school choice]]> <![CDATA[ Public-private a viable option; Students can discover the right fit by trying different systems.]]> <![CDATA[Colorado school district has wealth, success and an eye on vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Kids need help offered by vouchers]]> <![CDATA[ Charter schools package rejected ]]> <![CDATA[Pa. Senate in heated debate over school vouchers ]]> <![CDATA[Mayor Gray is misguided on school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Lieberman and Collins Make Strong Case for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Ohio GOP seeks to expand school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Parents Outraged as President Obama's FY 2012 Budget Eliminates Funding for the Successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[ School Choice equals better academic performance]]> <![CDATA[ Not just for rich kids]]> <![CDATA[ Rhee rallies her troops]]> <![CDATA[ Education choice means a new chance]]> <![CDATA[Editorial: Watson's charter schools bill due passage in House ]]> <![CDATA[Chavous: Norton is Misleading the Public About Local Support, Academic Effectiveness of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Chavous: The new Rosa Parks]]> <![CDATA[Charter: Expanding viable alternatives]]> <![CDATA[Congress should help parents help their kids]]> <![CDATA[Desperate for more choices]]> <![CDATA[Pa. school voucher discussion heating up]]> <![CDATA[Education reformers talk money, teachers]]> <![CDATA[ DC school vouchers resurrected]]> <![CDATA[Advocates line up money, ads, support for school-choice bill]]> <![CDATA[What school vouchers have bought for my family]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Honors Education Icon and Legend Harriett Ball]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Is the Most Critical Civil Rights Issue of Our Time]]> <![CDATA[Jailed Ohio Woman Just Wanted Her Kids to Have a Better Education]]> <![CDATA[BAEO President Speaks on CBS about Jailed Ohio Mother]]> <![CDATA[Dems warming to school choice]]> <![CDATA[A "Rosa Parks" figure emerges in Ohio ]]> <![CDATA[Tough choices: Where parents send their kids to school]]> <![CDATA[Reason.TV: Fear of the Unknown & School Choice: Gerard Robinson on the biggest obstacle to reform]]> <![CDATA[Would bringing back vouchers be good for D.C. students?]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Responds to Imprisonment of Ohio Mother]]> <![CDATA[SIMMONS: School vouchers the right option]]> <![CDATA[SUMMARY OF THE SOAR ACT: HOW THE BIPARTISAN D.C. SCHOOL CHOICE BILL HELPS STUDENTS, PARENTS, AND TAXPAYERS]]> <![CDATA[OUR VIEW: Mom sent to jail for choosing good school]]> <![CDATA[Parents turn up the heat in school battle; Eden Prairie group upset at shift of 1,100 kids enlist lawyer who has battled desegregation.]]> <![CDATA[Williams-Bolar school ruling drawing lots of heat]]> <![CDATA[Blacks Wanting Alternative Education Options Begin Mobilizing in Lexington]]> <![CDATA[ Cosby joins Boehner in drive for more school choice]]> <![CDATA[BAEO's in for National School Choice Week]]> <![CDATA[Corbett appears set to push school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[MPS, voucher students boost graduation rates ]]> <![CDATA[ Poll: Best shot at success is pinned on schooling]]> <![CDATA[School choice, but few real options]]> <![CDATA[The promise of vouchers]]> <![CDATA[For D.C. residents, is there an up-Hill battle on the horizon?]]> <![CDATA[Tireless Champion for Children: A Tribute to Howard Fuller]]> <![CDATA[Pulling the parent trigger; ]]> <![CDATA[Effort to convert Compton school to charter draws fire]]> <![CDATA[New State Chiefs' Group Vows 'Aggressive' Agenda]]> <![CDATA[U.S. School Graduation Rate Is Rising]]> <![CDATA[ Charters seek to be first in line for D.C. schools]]> <![CDATA[Black Alliance Hires Innovative Coalition Builder To Lead D.C. Parental Choice Office]]> <![CDATA[Board Floats Voucher Plan ]]> <![CDATA[Vouchers: More educational options or a waste of tax dollars?]]> <![CDATA[School choice bill promised for next state Legislature]]> <![CDATA[On brink of expansion, charter schools mission in play]]> <![CDATA[Elementary, middle schools' report cards improve]]> <![CDATA[House GOP to push for school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Justices debate tax credit for religious schools; Arizona group says it violates Constitution]]> <![CDATA[Fewer Black Males Drop Out in Baltimore Schools]]> <![CDATA[Fewer Black Males Drop Out in Baltimore Schools]]> <![CDATA['Waiting for Superman' a wake-up call for education reform]]> <![CDATA[D.C. School Choice Coalition Vows Aggressive Fight to Save Voucher Program after Congressional Gains]]> <![CDATA['Strangling' NYC kids' futures]]> <![CDATA['Superman' debate: Waiting for the teachers' unions]]> <![CDATA[Still waiting]]> <![CDATA[State touts special-ed initiatives]]> <![CDATA[IS OBAMA SUPERMAN?]]> <![CDATA[Facebook-Driven Newark Overhaul Lurches Forward]]> <![CDATA[Speak Up on D.C. Schools, Mr. President]]> <![CDATA[BLACK EDUCATION LEADERS URGE PRESIDENT OBAMA TO HELP NEEDY PARENTS BY SUPPORTING THE DC OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM]]> <![CDATA[On public schools, do as the president says, but not as he does]]> <![CDATA[From education reform to education revolution]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice, Our Choice]]> <![CDATA[Waiting for Somebody]]> <![CDATA[Booker hopes Newark can be a national laboratory for education reform]]> <![CDATA[Mashea Ashton, CEO of the Newark Charter School Fund Talks About $100 Million Donation]]> <![CDATA[School voucher demand may top supply]]> <![CDATA[The Cost of Choice]]> <![CDATA[New law creates school choice Students get option to change districts ]]> <![CDATA[Time to expand school choice ]]> <![CDATA[Private schools set for growth ]]> <![CDATA[Private schools set for growth]]> <![CDATA[Marcus A. Winters: School vouchers make a great recession-era program]]> <![CDATA[School Voucher Breakout ]]> <![CDATA[Civil Rights 2010: The Struggle for Quality Education]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools finding niches;Specialization seen as the next wave of reform]]> <![CDATA[What's the Big Idea: Empower parents, not 'educrats,' to improve schools]]> <![CDATA[Prioritizing The Education Of Our Children First]]> <![CDATA[BAEO PROMOTES SHREE' MEDLOCK TO NATIONAL ADVOCACY DIRECTOR]]> <![CDATA[Too Long Ignored : Black Boys and Men]]> <![CDATA[SCHOOL'S CHANGE IS FUND-AMENTAL Obtaining grant requires drastic measures in Roselle ]]> <![CDATA[Group seeks to clean up Philadelphia's charter-school image]]> <![CDATA[Many Chicago Charter Schools Run Deficits, Data Shows]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Announces Eight New National Board Members]]> <![CDATA[African-Americans for Charter Schools ]]> <![CDATA[New Proficiency Standards Hit Charters ]]> <![CDATA[NAACP needs to reset sights on education]]> <![CDATA[When 81% Passing Suddenly Becomes 18%]]> <![CDATA[Schools Data Show Chasm ]]> <![CDATA[More than 50 percent of students bolt district]]> <![CDATA[Educational foundation boosts city parish school enrollment ]]> <![CDATA[Special-needs students get aid]]> <![CDATA[BAEO RESPONDS TO PRESIDENT OBAMA'S EDUCATION REFORM SPEECH]]> <![CDATA[Special-needs students snubbed, groups say ; Complaint: La. lets problems go in N.O.]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Voucher Students: Higher Graduation Rates and Other Positive Outcomes]]> <![CDATA[BENJAMIN CHAVIS JOINS NATIONAL PARENTAL CHOICE ORGANIZATION]]> <![CDATA[What do parents want from schools?]]> <![CDATA[D.C. relies on charter schools as training tool]]> <![CDATA[Scary things in U.S. report on school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[RESEARCH FINDS VOUCHERS BOOST HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATES]]> <![CDATA[NJ debate: Can scholarships save Catholic schools?]]> <![CDATA[NJ debate: Can scholarships save Catholic schools?]]> <![CDATA[BAEO CONGRATULATES NEW NAPCS PRESIDENT/CEO PETER C. GROFF]]> <![CDATA[Spring the kids]]> <![CDATA[Research: School Vouchers Boost Graduation Rates for Disadvantaged Children]]> <![CDATA[A Proposal for School Choice Education Week]]> <![CDATA[A Proposal for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Viers retains seat]]> <![CDATA[Victory for Oklahoma Kids as Governor Henry Signs School Voucher Bill]]> <![CDATA[School choice working fine in Mine Hill]]> <![CDATA[Oklahoma Governor Henry Signs Special-needs Scholarships]]> <![CDATA[The will-your-kid-succeed lottery]]> <![CDATA[Supreme Court to Weigh Arizona Tuition Tax Credits]]> <![CDATA[Excerpts From Recent Minnesota Editorials]]> <![CDATA[Choosing to Save Some Kids]]> <![CDATA[New York State Votes to Expand Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Illinois House Votes Down Voucher Bill]]> <![CDATA[School-choice bill gets a boost]]> <![CDATA[One more time]]> <![CDATA[Paige hits black leaders *** Education woes due to leadership]]> <![CDATA[Why poor students are stuck in bad schools]]> <![CDATA[Schools may be required to draw locally]]> <![CDATA[Jersey students tops in test scores, but that's irrelevant to Schundler ]]> <![CDATA[Vouching for voucher foes]]> <![CDATA[House kills vouchers bill]]> <![CDATA[Okla. bill would create special needs scholarships]]> <![CDATA[Ill. House defeats Democratic school voucher plan]]> <![CDATA[ZAKIYA COURTNEY NAMED REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOR CATAPULT LEARNING]]> <![CDATA[Can't-miss opportunity]]> <![CDATA[Lawmakers mull vouchers for CPS]]> <![CDATA[DEPARTMENT POSTS CHARTER SCHOOL APPLICATIONS]]> <![CDATA[More kids, more choices]]> <![CDATA[Parents Group Questions Fenty's Voucher Remarks; ]]> <![CDATA[School vouchers vital to poorer families]]> <![CDATA[Popular voucher plan could face lottery]]> <![CDATA[In Latin, he's what we could describe in English as perfect]]> <![CDATA[Reform foes' shameful new low]]> <![CDATA[NJ PARADOX: PILES OF CASH, FAILING SCHOOLS]]> <![CDATA[The Cartel: movie review; The state of America's public schools is given a sobering examination in the documentary 'The Cartel.']]> <![CDATA[Some students will be denied vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Religious schools vs. fatalism]]> <![CDATA[Veto overshadowed other education bills]]> <![CDATA[Status Quo 1, Kids 0]]> <![CDATA[Some students will be denied vouchers; 14,000 available but hundreds more kids applied]]> <![CDATA[Jindal Takes On Teachers' Unions]]> <![CDATA[$3.5 Billion in Turnaround Aid Flowing to States]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools face unique challenges educating children with special needs]]> <![CDATA[Bill revises vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Education reforms get a failing grade]]> <![CDATA[John Garen: Charter schools are factors in education reform]]> <![CDATA[Voucher amendment revived in Fla. Legislature]]> <![CDATA[New data shows similar academic results between voucher and MPS students]]> <![CDATA[Time to come together]]> <![CDATA[BAEO APPLAUDS ILLINOIS STATE SENATE ON PASSING PARENTAL CHOICE BILL]]> <![CDATA[Only Two States Win Race to Top]]> <![CDATA[Race to the Top a flop Blame flies after state loses out]]> <![CDATA[Enrollment period renews voucher debate]]> <![CDATA[Two Tallahassee rallies will push for education, but with different goals]]> <![CDATA[11TH-HOUR PLEA TO KEEP SCHOOL OPEN]]> <![CDATA[Attention to failing schools only first step]]> <![CDATA[Victory for vouchers]]> <![CDATA[History of school reform offers glimmers of hope]]> <![CDATA[More than 1,000 new applicants for vouchers]]> <![CDATA[State Senate OKs school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[The Boys Have Fallen Behind]]> <![CDATA[Former Board Chair Comments on the Poor Reading Scores of Milwaukee's Black Children]]> <![CDATA[State's black fourth-graders post worst reading scores in U.S.]]> <![CDATA[Illinois Senate approves vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Giving Poor Families More School Choices]]> <![CDATA[Critics: Md. scholarship credit plan like vouchers]]> <![CDATA[New Orleans charter schools likely to band together to share vision, support]]> <![CDATA[Don Samuels, Chanda Baker, Sondra Samuels: As the teachers union digs in, it's students who suffer]]> <![CDATA[Thousands of NOLA Children Eligible for School Vouchers Next School Year]]> <![CDATA[Administration Unveils ESEA Renewal Blueprint]]> <![CDATA[Private Schools Snared In Students' Safety Net]]> <![CDATA[Obama calls for 'No Child' remake; ]]> <![CDATA[Public education's next step: Move school decisions to parents]]> <![CDATA[Spite and the jam-packed classroom]]> <![CDATA[The Big Idea -- it's bad education policy; ]]> <![CDATA[Education choices abound in Arizona: Parents have several options in schooling their children]]> <![CDATA[Few reliable models for merit pay]]> <![CDATA[KEVIN P. CHAVOUS SWORN IN AS THE NEW BAEO BOARD CHAIR]]> <![CDATA[Private-School Refugees]]> <![CDATA[SCHOOL CHOICE FACTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS]]> <![CDATA[America's Morning News]]> <![CDATA[Leading Scholar's U-Turn on School Reform Shakes Up Debate]]> <![CDATA[Learning a lesson; Mostly frozen out of L.A. Unified's latest reform effort, charter school operators debate their future.]]> <![CDATA['A decent education']]> <![CDATA[Kentucky Votes Yes on Federal Money, No on Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[BAEO CELEBRATES TENTH ANNIVERSARY AT HOME IN MILWAUKEE ]]> <![CDATA[The charter school test case that didn't happen]]> <![CDATA[Borough council selects a fill-in member Lincoln Park choice once on school board ]]> <![CDATA[KENNETH CAMPBELL SELECTED NEW BAEO PRESIDENT ]]> <![CDATA[Expansions of State Voucher Programs Gain Momentum]]> <![CDATA[Recall fever rises again in Capo Unified]]> <![CDATA[Families shop for schools; 600 parents attend information fair on Columbus district's lottery system]]> <![CDATA[Reading outside the lines]]> <![CDATA[Pastorek:Stipend cuts OK *** National certification no guarantee of teacher quality, he says]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools plan hits resistance; McDonnell's proposal appears at odds with conservative ideals]]> <![CDATA[Legislature to consider class size, replacing FCAT]]> <![CDATA[Preaching Choice in Obama's Hometown ]]> <![CDATA[Don't let any school skate on standards]]> <![CDATA[Tax-credit scholarships could ease school funding burden]]> <![CDATA[Agenda raises doubts on study]]> <![CDATA[Cuts to education wrong]]> <![CDATA[Middle management ]]> <![CDATA[The state charter commission faces another legal challenge]]> <![CDATA[Va ed secretary backs range of education options]]> <![CDATA[President Obama's broken promise on education]]> <![CDATA[Report: Racial gap grows in charters]]> <![CDATA[Obama's education rhetoric doesn't come close to reality]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools have a new ally in Gov. Mcdonnel]]> <![CDATA[A BETTER CHOICE; GOOD FOR VIRGINIA'S NEW EDUCATION CHIEF IF HE BRINGS CHOICE. BUT ALL STUDENTS DESERVE GREAT SCHOOLS]]> <![CDATA[Lieberman, Collins To Announce Effort to Save DC Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Vouchers would keep our students safe]]> <![CDATA[Last chance for vouchers?]]> <![CDATA[Study finds high school choice 'an illusion']]> <![CDATA[Christie advisers call for tough new school rules]]> <![CDATA[School voucher program would expand under bill]]> <![CDATA[Plan would broaden special needs program]]> <![CDATA[Down but Not Out in Catholic Suburbia: Inner-city parochial schools are not the only ones struggling]]> <![CDATA[Compromise MPS control bill proposed]]> <![CDATA[Voucher schools' graduation rates top MPS in study ]]> <![CDATA[Off-Year Elections Signal Hope for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Obama to Seek Sweeping Change in 'No Child' Law ]]> <![CDATA[How vouchers came to the Big Easy]]> <![CDATA[D.C. School Choice Coalition Calls on Obama to Make Good on State of the Union Rhetoric; ]]> <![CDATA[After 10 Years, Federal Money for Technology in Education ]]> <![CDATA['Fix Schools with Ideas, Not Money']]> <![CDATA[.Foreign Languages Fade in Class - Except Chinese ]]> <![CDATA[Ivy Leaguers' Class for Poor Becomes 'Platinum' Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Bring back vouchers, get creative]]> <![CDATA[Poll: NJ voters support merit pay for teachers]]> <![CDATA[Choice Education Chiefs]]> <![CDATA[McDonnell: 'The education of our children is not a partisan issue']]> <![CDATA[To Lead Schools, Christie Picks Vouchers Advocate]]> <![CDATA[The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]]> <![CDATA[Charter school advocate to be Va. education head AP ]]> <![CDATA[McDonnell's pick for education chief favors school choice]]> <![CDATA[ASC Praises Appointment of Gerard Robinson as VA Sec. of Education]]> <![CDATA[How State Charter Laws Rank Against The New Model Public Charter School Law]]> <![CDATA[Opponents line up over charter school proposal]]> <![CDATA[Parents deserve choice of sending children to charters]]> <![CDATA[BAEO PRESIDENT APPOINTED NEW SECRETARY OF EDUCATION FOR VA ]]> <![CDATA[Gerard Robinson to be the Commonwealth's next Secretary of Education]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools buck enrollment trend]]> <![CDATA[Pols to loosen the cap]]> <![CDATA[Obama Unveils Projects to Bolster STEM Teaching]]> <![CDATA[Southern Schools Mark Two Majorities]]> <![CDATA[California Race to the Top bills give parents more say in schools]]> <![CDATA[NV governor proposes major education overhaul]]> <![CDATA[A chance for school choice to prove itself]]> <![CDATA[PORTLAND TO OPEN HIP-HOP HIGH SCHOOL FO SHIZZLE!]]> <![CDATA[Second Study Gives Thumbs Up to N.Y.C. Charters]]> <![CDATA[NJ lawmakers focus on urban education reforms]]> <![CDATA[Assembly panel clears school-choice bill]]> <![CDATA[Mo. considers parental choice for school districts]]> <![CDATA[Vermont bill would revisit tuition to religious schools]]> <![CDATA[Standing up for school choice]]> <![CDATA[Sen. Durbin: Where I stand on D.C. school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[N.J. eyes expanded school choice]]> <![CDATA['Duplicitous and Shameful' ]]> <![CDATA[Who knows best on charter schools?]]> <![CDATA[Changes in N.O. schools receive strong support]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Voucher Advocates Vow Renewed Battle Despite Setback]]> <![CDATA[Congress: D.C. can decide on medicinal marijuana and subsidized abortions]]> <![CDATA[Brady: GOP can lead with 'credible' choice Gubernatorial hopeful promises ethical leadership in Pontiac stop]]> <![CDATA[House Approves Bill That Would Ease Federal Grip on Washington]]> <![CDATA[D.C. School Choice Leaders Blast Appropriators' Decision to Kill School Voucher Program]]> <![CDATA[Breaking: House Votes to End D.C. Vouchers- Take Action]]> <![CDATA[Reports show charter schools aid state's struggling students]]> <![CDATA[The man who can save D.C.'s educational lifeline]]> <![CDATA[Killing opportunity for kids]]> <![CDATA[Bob Riley: Making the case for charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools: Two studies, two conclusions]]> <![CDATA[School choice shapes educational landscape]]> <![CDATA[School Reform Retreat?]]> <![CDATA[The charter movement: 5K schools in 18 years]]> <![CDATA[SUPPORT FOR SCHOOL CHOICE IS STRONG IN VIRGINIA]]> <![CDATA[Charter school wisdom]]> <![CDATA[POOREST SCHOOLS NEED THE BEST TEACHERS, PANEL SAYS]]> <![CDATA[City takes aim at a dozen lagging schools ]]> <![CDATA[Amendments bog down charter school bill in Senate]]> <![CDATA[The Edsel of Education Reform ]]> <![CDATA[CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Charter schools in Virginia]]> <![CDATA[AG office advises changes to tax credit law]]> <![CDATA[Study of Harlem Children's Zone Finds Gaps Closing]]> <![CDATA[Texas Moves to Tighten Education School Standards]]> <![CDATA[Do charters work for Idaho? It's time to find out]]> <![CDATA[Thousands attend rally in Ga. for charter schools]]> <![CDATA[War: Meeks vs. CTU]]> <![CDATA[Chicago To Add Six New Renaissance 2010 Schools]]> <![CDATA[Obama: Education must be reformed]]> <![CDATA["No Child Left Behind: New evidence that charter schools help even kids in other schools."]]> <![CDATA[Camden's choices for mayor;Four people are seeking the job. State oversight is one issue. In the Council]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Florida governor talks education reform]]> <![CDATA[Silencing Voices for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Charter is 1st in its Class]]> <![CDATA[U.S. education chief a fan of 'good' charter schools]]> <![CDATA[The Quiet Revolution ]]> <![CDATA[Knee-Deep in Newark's Revival]]> <![CDATA[Rolly: The rest of the story at UCAT]]> <![CDATA[Democrats and Schools ]]> <![CDATA[D.C. School Vouchers Have a Brighter Outlook in Congress]]> <![CDATA['Making the Grade' in New York]]> <![CDATA[A harder charter push]]> <![CDATA[Obama Trumpets Stimulus on New Orleans Visit]]> <![CDATA[President Obama tells students at MLK Charter he's proud of them]]> <![CDATA[The World Premiere of "Let Me Rise" - October 20, 2009]]> <![CDATA['Ed Chief Says Grants Are for Reforms']]> <![CDATA["Cartel" focuses on N.J. schools]]> <![CDATA[Beating the charter school clock]]> <![CDATA[Charter school backers appeal to Ga. county board]]> <![CDATA[Maryland next battleground for private school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Education Next: Researchers Find Special Education Voucher Programs Ensure Better Services and Outcomes for Students]]> <![CDATA[CITIZEN JOURNALISM: School reform at center stage]]> <![CDATA[Education Agency Will Offer Grants for Innovative Ideas ]]> <![CDATA[Trouble Waits After Class Is Dismissed ]]> <![CDATA[Katie Campos and James Gardner: New study makes irrefutable case for charter schools]]> <![CDATA[Middletown Forum Focuses On Closing Achievement Gap]]> <![CDATA[Restore D.C. scholarships, backers urge]]> <![CDATA[Bipartisan Supporters Call on Congress to Reauthorize D.C. Voucher Program]]> <![CDATA[2 Georgia districts sue over charter school money]]> <![CDATA[Charter-school clincher]]> <![CDATA[Charter Success]]> <![CDATA[Support the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program Capitol Rally]]> <![CDATA[Lawsuit seeks to change charter school funding]]> <![CDATA[Study Shows Better Scores For Charter School Students]]> <![CDATA[The next chapter on education reform]]> <![CDATA[Pass the Massachusetts Charter School Bill]]> <![CDATA["FCAT scores needed for high school graduation should be boosted, State Board member says"]]> <![CDATA[Obama should turn attention to appalling state of education in DC]]> <![CDATA[EdChoice Scholarships offer state funds for private schools]]> <![CDATA[Voucher students flock to Catholic schools]]> <![CDATA[National charter advocate says he's opposed to selective admissions ]]> <![CDATA[Voucher advocates face up to police]]> <![CDATA[Dramatic Standoff at U.S. Department of Education as Six D.C. School Voucher Backers Block Doorway ]]> <![CDATA[Obama Closing Door on School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Local Leaders to Escalate D.C. School Voucher Fight With Tuesday Civil Disobedience Protest]]> <![CDATA[Leader in Phila. Seeks Changes in Teacher Rules]]> <![CDATA[L.A. Charter Schools Consider Capacity for Reform]]> <![CDATA[Charters Expected to Grow in New Orleans]]> <![CDATA[Let tax dollars back private school choices]]> <![CDATA[Statement from BAEO President on the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy]]> <![CDATA[Families, Activists Rally to Restore 216 Rescinded Tuition Vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Parents rally for vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Students in D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program Make Significant Improvements in Reading]]> <![CDATA[Voucher proponents rally against ending]]> <![CDATA[Sharpton, Gingrich to be on same side]]> <![CDATA[Sharpton, Gingrich push Obama's school reforms]]> <![CDATA[Expanding the Charter Option]]> <![CDATA[Charters: The Best Special-Ed Choice]]> <![CDATA[Charter schools to admit 4-year-olds to kindergarten]]> <![CDATA[In charter school push, Arizona gets $54 mil grant]]> <![CDATA[The Battle for D.C.'s High Schools]]> <![CDATA[Backers seek end to charter school cap]]> <![CDATA[In Program Giving Cash, More Pass A.P. Tests]]> <![CDATA[Bill Would Reauthorize Vouchers ]]> <![CDATA[Illinois Raises Cap on Charter Schools to 120]]> <![CDATA[Obama Supporters Urge President, Congress to Support Education Bill]]> <![CDATA[Dollars for Schools]]> <![CDATA[Washington Steps Up on Schools]]> <![CDATA[EDUCATION DEPARTMENT AWARDS $82 MILLION IN CHARTER SCHOOL GRANTS]]> <![CDATA[Racing to the top]]> <![CDATA[NEW POLL SHOWS STRONG SUPPORT FOR DC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, CHARTER SCHOOLS ]]> <![CDATA[BAEO President to speak at Fordham Institute Event]]> <![CDATA[As Charter Schools Unionize, Many Debate Effect]]> <![CDATA[Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's call to action]]> <![CDATA[Just 3 new voucher schools approved]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Council Wants Vouchers]]> <![CDATA[D.C. City Council Supports Expanding Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Rigorous math, science education essential]]> <![CDATA[A Plea to Mr. Duncan; There are 216 D.C. children who could still be rescued]]> <![CDATA[EDITORIAL: Look to education future, not just funding status quo]]> <![CDATA[Education Chief to Warn Advocates That Inferior Charter Schools Harm the Effort ]]> <![CDATA[Louisiana charter schools serving students well, study finds]]> <![CDATA[U.S. Effort to Reshape Schools Faces Challenges ]]> <![CDATA[Fuller receives 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Leadership in Education Award]]> <![CDATA[Choice still too pricey]]> <![CDATA[Democrats vote for student cap in Milwaukee's school-choice program]]> <![CDATA[School choice debate: Black support growing]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Members Respond to Sec. Duncan's Decision on DC Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice, Our Choice (PDF)]]> <![CDATA[Our Voice, Our Choice (PDF)]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Year in Review: 2008]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Is the New Civil Rights Struggle Wall Street Journal]]> <![CDATA[School-choice movement can be tool for social justice]]> <![CDATA[Number of Students Leaving School Early Continues to Increase, Study Says]]> <![CDATA[Bipartisan Support for Choice Grows Every Year]]> <![CDATA[Will: Obama vows to ax program hated by teachers]]> <![CDATA[Only for the Privileged Few?; Members of Congress value school choice -- for themselves]]> <![CDATA[Mother promises her son to 'do whatever I can do' to save D.C. Opportunity Scholarships]]> <![CDATA[State's bold vision for education]]> <![CDATA[The Union War on Charter Schools]]> <![CDATA[Education, By Any Means]]> <![CDATA[Obama Stance Against School Vouchers Fuels Close-to-Home Debate ]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Families Bemoan Imminent Loss of Voucher Program]]> <![CDATA[Making Sure the Job Gets Done]]> <![CDATA[Why We Must Fight for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[Vouchers: Not Dead Yet]]> <![CDATA[Vouching for D.C.]]> <![CDATA[School vouchers having positive impact]]> <![CDATA[Cowardly Pols Crucify Pilot Program for Kids]]> <![CDATA[Empowering education]]> <![CDATA[Cowardly Pols Crucify Pilot Program for Kids]]> <![CDATA[Opponents rally against SC school choice plan]]> <![CDATA[Newark Mayor Cory Booker's purple leadership]]> <![CDATA[Why We Must Fight for School Choice]]> <![CDATA[School choice bill takes fire; Ford blasts black leaders who criticize his measure]]> <![CDATA[Education reform is a defining issue]]> <![CDATA[Ford pushes school tax credits]]> <![CDATA[School choice supporters gather at State House]]> <![CDATA[Ariz. Supreme Court to rule on school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[SC Democrat joins GOP Rep. for new voucher plan]]> <![CDATA[PUBLIC MONEY FOR PRIVATE SCHOOLS?; LAWMAKER: S.C.'S SCHOOLS FAIL MINORITIES]]> <![CDATA[N.O. school voucher program taking applications again]]> <![CDATA[Fenty pushes for school vouchers; D.C. mayor breaks with Democrats on Hill]]> <![CDATA[FRELINGHUYSEN, BOEHNER RESOLUTION SUPPORTS SCHOOL CHOICE]]> <![CDATA[Arizona Appeals Court upholds corporate tuition tax credits]]> <![CDATA[D.C. school vouchers to lose funding; Barring renewal, 1,700 students could return to DC public schools]]> <![CDATA[Board member Kevin Chavous appears live on morning news to support DC Opportunity Scholarship Program]]> <![CDATA[DC Students to President Obama: Save Our Scholarships]]> <![CDATA[BAEO APPLAUDS SECRETARY DUNCAN'S SUPPORT FOR KEEPING DC OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM]]> <![CDATA[Stimulus to Help Retool Education, Duncan Says]]> <![CDATA[US schools chief wants DC kids to keep vouchers]]> <![CDATA[Will Obama Stand Up for These Kids?]]> <![CDATA['Potential' Disruption?]]> <![CDATA[Assault on education; Strickland's budget takes aim at charter schools, but students would be the biggest victims]]> <![CDATA[Charters Offer More Choices in Harlem, but Stir Concern for Public Schools]]> <![CDATA[Democrats Limit Future Financing for Washington Voucher Program]]> <![CDATA[Boehner Condemns Provision Tucked In Democrats' Secret $410 Billion Spending Bill To Kill D.C. School Choice Program]]> <![CDATA[Voucher Programs Grow by 8 Percent in 2008-09]]> <![CDATA[Voucher sponsor confident program will grow]]> <![CDATA[Clarion call to Corzine on education reform]]> <![CDATA[Choice in education is the key]]> <![CDATA[A Brighter Course for Our Children]]> <![CDATA[Chavous Rallies for Education Reform]]> <![CDATA[School spending doesn't lead to higher performance in N.J.]]> <![CDATA[Upsetting the Natural Order of Things]]> <![CDATA[Board Chair Howard Fuller: Remembering Dr. King's Dream]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Depression taught us that education is key to recovery]]> <![CDATA[Survey shows frustration with schools, choices]]> <![CDATA[Charter Schools Can Close the Education Gap]]> <![CDATA[Op-ed: The Key To Better Schools Charters Have Shown That Autonomy Works]]> <![CDATA[STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION: Seven selected for new commission ]]> <![CDATA[Obama names Chicago school chief to Education Dept.]]> <![CDATA[Board Chair urges President-Elect Obama to Challenge the Status Quo]]> <![CDATA[Hoosier in D.C. promotes school choice]]> <![CDATA[Dissidents reach tentative deal in state Senate]]> <![CDATA[A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR ON PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA]]> <![CDATA[Board Chair Howard Fuller comments on Obama & McCain debate on education]]> <![CDATA[Former teacher union leader to head voucher group]]> <![CDATA[Philly school rekindles same-sex education debate]]> <![CDATA[Better Education Through Innovation]]> <![CDATA[D.C. Mother, Parent Activist Honored with National Award for Education Reform]]> <![CDATA[870 win nod for school vouchers]]> <![CDATA[1,250 N.O. families apply for private school vouchers ]]> <![CDATA[DeBerry's diatribe ignores parental options]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Board Member, Kevin Chavous, on C-SPAN Saturday Morning]]> <![CDATA[Crowd seeks shot at tuition aid]]> <![CDATA[Save D.C.'s Catholic Schools]]> <![CDATA[D.C. parents, students need Opportunity Scholarships]]> <![CDATA[House passes bill to pay private school tuition]]> <![CDATA[Jindal voucher bill wins final approval]]> <![CDATA[Choice for the Children]]> <![CDATA[Latin Lovers]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Names New Communications Director]]> <![CDATA[Tuition plan aired for N.O. pupils]]> <![CDATA[MLK and Education]]> <![CDATA[High School Dropout Prevention]]> <![CDATA[BAEO Board Member Selected As An Aspen Institute Fellow]]> <![CDATA[Tax Credits: A Reply to Dr. Wilbur Rich's St. Louis Blues Article]]> <![CDATA[Gaining a Voice After School]]> <![CDATA[What the school choice study means - so far ]]> <![CDATA[Scholarships from The Gates Foundation]]> <![CDATA[Jindal tells black group education is important]]> <![CDATA[AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS ARE NOT APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! ]]> <![CDATA[Commitment to Closing Expectations Gap Growing]]> <![CDATA[Hispanic Enrollment in Parental Choice Programs Rises, As Do Test Scores]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Research: Taxpayer Savings and Parent/Student Satisfaction]]> <![CDATA[BAEO to Host 2008 National Symposium in New Orleans]]> <![CDATA[Our Views: Group wants school choice]]> <![CDATA[New Report Ranks Nation's 21 School Choice Programs]]> <![CDATA[Study: Milwaukee Voucher Students Have Diploma Edge]]> <![CDATA[American educator supports schools focused on black studies]]> <![CDATA[Children in Poverty]]> <![CDATA[Students get a last chance -- rap]]> <![CDATA[Activist calls for educating black youths]]> <![CDATA[Urban Schools Aiming Higher Than Diploma ]]> <![CDATA[Teacher absences are hurting learning]]> <![CDATA[L.A. charter schools get a financial boost]]> <![CDATA[HOW TO MUG SCHOOL REFORM ]]> <![CDATA[Maine program brightens college prospects at birth]]> <![CDATA[Maine program brightens college prospects at birth]]> <![CDATA[The Bailey and Sullivan Leadership Institute (BSLI) Begins National Fellowship Program in January 2008]]> <![CDATA[Op-Ed Opportunity- NCLB 6th Anniversary]]> <![CDATA[Minnesota BAEO in the News]]> <![CDATA[MAPSA Awarded by Detroit BAEO for Perseverance in Fight for Quality Education]]> <![CDATA[Special needs students finally get help, options deserved]]> <![CDATA[School Choice Poll in Illinois]]> <![CDATA[Millions headed for N.O. schools]]> <![CDATA[In Gaps at School, Weighing Family Life]]> <![CDATA[U.S. Teens Trail Peers Around World on Math-Science Test]]> <![CDATA[Dr. Howard Fuller To Be Honored At The Village Academies Fall Benefit]]> <![CDATA[Controversial voucher program making headway]]> <![CDATA[Family Factors Critical to Closing Achievement Gap]]> <![CDATA[Speaker advocates charter schools as option for blacks ]]> <![CDATA[Web site helps parents to weigh Hub school options]]> <![CDATA[The Next Generation of Antipoverty Policies ]]> <![CDATA[Forum advises suits to foster school choice ]]> <![CDATA[1 in 10 schools are 'dropout factories']]> <![CDATA[South's schools swell with poor kids]]>