BAEO Statement on Opening of Alabama’s First Charter School

BAEO President Jacqueline Cooper issued the following statement on the opening of Alabama’s first charter school - ACCEL Day and Evening Academy.  BAEO helped lead efforts to pass the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, which paved the way for charter schools in the state. 

“BAEO congratulates the parents, students, and leaders of ACCEL Day and Evening Academy on a successful launch today as Alabama’s first charter school. The school offers a college preparatory curriculum and small personalized class sizes that will help prepare students for the careers of the future. 

“When BAEO arrived in Alabama in 2013, we found parents at their wits’ end at the proliferation of widening achievement gaps, anemic academic growth, and bleak graduation rates. The desire for great schools led us to mobilize the largest rally of parents, students, teachers, community leaders and elected officials to support the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act languishing in the state legislature. With unyielding support and determination from the community, the bill became law, making ACCEL, and schools yet to come, a welcomed education option in the state. 

“We believe increasing access to high-quality schools for low-income and working-class Black families will usher in a new era of educational accountability, parental choice, and transparency in communities that need them most. 

“We are extremely proud to have partnered with the Mobile community to expand educational options for the next generation. ”