BAEO Statement on Fiscal Year 2018 Education Budget Proposal

Jacqueline Cooper, president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), released the following statement on the Administration's education priorities in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal:

"While we applaud the Administration's efforts to expand parental choice options for our nation's children, including increased spending for public charter schools, a new private school voucher program, making $1 billion within Title I of ESSA available for students to attend the school of their choice, and an education tax credit program that will be part of future tax reform, the slashing of $9 billion--or 13 percent--from the Department of Education's overall budget is an awfully painful way to put families and children first.

"If passed by Congress, these draconian cuts to public education will undoubtedly hurt our most vulnerable children, especially those from low-income and working-class Black families, who rely on access to special education programs, well-trained teachers, smaller class sizes, literacy grants, and before and after school programs-all of which will be at risk for cuts or elimination.

"We know members of the House and Senate can hear just how unharmonious these cuts sound to the American people and the devastating effects they will have on the education of our children. We urge Congress to listen to the public, reevaluate the Administration's FY18 budget, and restore full funding to the education department."